Sofia Rydemalm publishes a book – CHICOLAT – Love, chocolate and salty sea

In the book CHICOLAT I tell you my story – of how I ended up at Belle Ile – a small island off the French Atlantic coast and founded a chocolate factory. The texts are interspersed with facts about chocolate, delicious recipes and a couple of meetings with inspiring personalities.

At Belle iIe I have had a life – a real life with all what that implies. The island has not only given me two children, a life with chocolate but also a strength, humility and enormous amount of love that I always carry with me. And I hope in my heart that I can share with you just as much undemanding and obvious Love that I have received.

Chocolate has taken me to places I never knew existed, and through the book, I want to share with you everything I have learned, both about chocolate and life itself.

The book will be published in September, 2016.

Chicolat - boken