Chicolat - Sofia Rydemalm Choklad

Sofia Rydemalms own chocolate assortment

The chocolate is launched in May 2016. All the chocolates are made of primary raw materials in France. The packages are typically French – old wallpaper, French lace and the coast of Belle Ile is among the packaging for the 3 bars at 85 gram. These three chocolate bars are made by hand, one by one, at Belle Ile.

Chicolat - Mörk choklad med olivolja och stänk av havssalt

Dark chocolate with olive oil and sprinkling of sea salt

Ingredients: Cocoa paste (59.7%), sucrose (39.7%), olive oil (<15%), sea salt (<3%), emulsifier soya lecithin (<0.5%)
May contain traces of milk, nuts and peanuts.
Cocoa content: minimum 58%
Weight: 85 grams
Made in France. Store in a cool dry place.

Soft and smooth, and a rich chocolate flavor with a touch of sea salt. Chocolate melts in the mouth and is perceived as a truffle, but is completely without cream or butter. Excellent for a dinner or just one of those moments that we need sometimes.


Milk chocolate with figs and roasted almonds

Ingredients: Sugar (30.2%), cocoa butter (26.1%), whole milk powder (21.5%), cocoa mass (16.6%), figs (<10%), toasted almonds (<10%), powdered milk 0% fat (4.6%), emulsifier:*soy lecithin (<0.5%) * PCR negative guaranteed by our supplier + certificate “identity preserved”.
May contain traces of other nuts and peanuts.
Cocoa content: minimum 42%
Weight: 85 gram
Made in France.

A very good chocolate with high cocoa content. Fine pieces of figs, and toasted slivered almonds. My own favorite chocolate every day.

Chicolat - mjölkchoklad med smörkola & rostade kokoschips

Milk chocolate with caramel and toasted coconut chips

Ingredients: Sugar (39.3%), cocoa butter (28%), coconut chips (<15%), whole milk powder (9.1%), skimmed milk powder (7.3%) , cocoa mass (5.9%), caramel powder (skimmed milk, milk proteins, sugar, butter), whey powder (2.5%), lactose (2.5%), emulsifier: soy lecithin * (<0.5%). * PCR negative guaranteed by our supplier + certificate “Identity preserved” flavors (<0.1%)
May contain traces of nuts and peanuts.
Cocoa content: minimum 33%
Weight: 85 gram
Made in France

Delicious chocolate with coconut contrast against a caramel flavor. My two children and my best friend love it. We hope you do too!

Chicolat - små chokladkakor

Small CHOCOLATE bars 

The smaller chocolate bars, 30 g and 13 g are manufactured in Paris and with a packing that also reminds us of Paris and by that allowed us to bring a piece of France with us.

Pure dark chocolate 72% cocoa and clean milk chocolate 42% cocoa.


• All dark chocolate is both lactose and gluten free and suitable even for vegans.
• All milk chocolate is gluten.
• Any increase in chocolate consumption reduces heart disease and contributes to a positive feeling of euphoria.

Chicolat - Sofia Rydemalm Choklad