Sofia Rydemalm

Sofia Rydemalm create high-quality chocolate and with care and passion carefully selects all the ingredients.

SOFIA RYDEMALM started and ran a chocolate factory

I started, built and operated during the years 2003 to 2011, a chocolate factory with shop on the pretty little island of Belle Île along the French Atlantic coast. Mainly, I was responsible for branding, product development and sales in both France and Sweden. In the factory on Belle Île we produced chocolate for the French market, but also a large part for the Swedish chocolate market. The factory still exists and are run by my ex-husband, Patrick Thomas, in the same spirit as before.


The chocolate is nice to look at but even better to taste. Inspiration I get from countries with long chocolate culture and experience, particularly France. But the inspiration I get even from a walk along the sea, from a visit to a museum, from a good dinner, and not least from my children.


Since June 2014, I run Sofia Rydemalm Choklad AB and can make any chocolate you wish for in other’s concept and brand, white label products. I have ideas for a new chocolate assortment, I can see packaging options and can make suggestions for new products at an earlier range. I have a well-established cooperation with various chocolate producers in Sweden and in France. Today I work regularly with existing chocolate brands but mainly with companies and grocery, retail, hotel and restaurant. The chocolate mostly use my customer’s own brand name, logo and message on the chocolate.

Sofia Rydemalm Chocolate AB also distributes other very high-quality food products, such as sea salt, for the famous Åhléns in Sweden. 

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